Egyptian Roo killed, can I feed him to the dogs?


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So, yesterday my Egyptian rooster jumped the fence and was killed by one of my dogs. This was unusual because my dogs are usually very good around the chickens. The little papillon sometimes chases them but shes so small it would be hard for her to do much damage. The Doberman is usually very gentle with them. I found the Doberman licking the roo's body at the back door. I think it had been less than an hour that he had been dead. I picked up the body and put him in a trash bag, froze him, trying to decide if I would process him for the dogs to eat or put him in the trash on Friday AM.
Will he be ok for the dogs to eat raw if I thaw him, skin and gut him? I should have processed him before freezing him, I know, but it was really, really hot out and I didn't want to deal with it. I mean, it was over 110 degrees. So, I figured, if I chilled the body well, it would be ok until later, at least for dog food.
Will be interesting to see what it looks like, they appear to have black skin like a Silky.
I'm not too upset about losing this rooster, he was getting aggressive with my hens, leading everyone over my fences into the garden and was very loud, at least compared to my two OEGB Roos. I'd already been considering culling him. I just hope my dog doesn't make a habit of killing chickens. I doubt that she will. She didn't seem to know what to do with him and seemed very anxious, going in and out of the doggy door, which is why I discovered him when I did.
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I would not feed raw chicken to a dog and dogs should not have bones. If you allow your dogs to eat this chicken I believe that it would encourage them to kill more chickens. I would put it in the garbage.
Dogs that kill one chicken generally kill more. It will be difficult to process at this point , but if you cook it it would be ok as long as they don't get bones. It will smell different , so the dogs are not going to associate it with the live chickens .
My mother in law told me that when she was young if one of her dogs killed a chicken they would hang it around their necks until they rotted off.(probally really disturbing) But she said after that they wouldnt even look at the chickens funny. On another note.. After the first intial taste of chicken blood they will kill another one. I wouldnt feed it to them at all as it would be a treat for them and they would consider it as a reward... But like the post above said if you cook it and store it for a few days the smell and taste will be different than a fresh kill. No they should never have chicken bones as it could splinter in their stomaches and throats and kill them. So debone it and cook it (maybe even add some garlic or something to help with the flavor.) and than feed it to them.

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My dogs get raw chickens all the time, probably two-three times a week. I'm mainly concerned about if this chicken is safe to eat, being that it was frozen with the guts still inside. Raw chickens have very soft bones, unlike cooked chickens. They are part of the raw diet and cause no problems. In fact, without bones, they get loose stools and they also need the calcium/phosphorous that they get from bones. They don't eat regular dog food and haven't for about a year. My vet approves, BTW.
As far as keeping her from doing it again, I'll probably take her out with the electric collar and see what she does if it looks like it's going to be a chronic problem. She showed no sign of wanting to go over the fence to get to the chickens today and she's quite capable of getting in their area, since it's not much of a fence. I can also reinforce the fence, if needed. I doubt it will be a huge issue, she's really a sissy dog when it comes to corrections.
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As others said, they shouldn't get raw chicken - it can make them sick (particularly if they don't normally get raw meat) and it will encourage killing other chickens. Also, while bigger dogs can often get away with eating chicken bones, it's not worth the risk because they CAN get a perforated bowel from a bone splinter. But it should be fine to process it, roast it and remove bones and feed to them. But I would space it out and not feed it all at once - the grease can give them stomach problems if they don't get chicken on a regular basis.

ETA: haha just saw your reply. Disregard (as you said, if they get it frequently, their stomach bacteria is already adjusted to it.) If it was only dead for an hour or two before freezing, I wouldn't worry about the entrails.
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In my opinion, it's perfectly fine for dog food. Now, if you get to removing its entrails and they have ruptured and the meat smells funny, I might not. But if the entrails are intact (or at least not spilling out) and the meat smells normal when they're removed, then sure. I think that will give you a good idea of how long it was dead before you got to it - that may be more the issue than freezing it with the entrails still in.
Our lab has been on a raw chicken diet for over a year and is in better shape now than he ever was on commercial dog food. Raw meat, entrails and bone are what dogs are genetically geared to eat. He has no idea that the dinner in his bowl is the same as "his" girls in the yard. And neither do they
That bird in your freezer is better than anything he's eating out of a can or bag, I guarantee it. If you're interested, there are several raw feeding sites on the web.
Chickens (im sure you know) always have an infestation of worms.(Not a bad one but they are always there.) feeding raw chicken is dangerous as it is healthy. No matter how healthy it seems. (Even my vet approves it.) They carry ecoli. They carry all sorts of diseases. (Even if treated for most of them they are always carriers.) That is why I dont recommend raw chicken. Clean it and cook it at atleast 350 degrees and it will kill most of the bad things in it. I might not know alot about chickens but I know ALOT about dogs.
Wrong, in fact raw chicken is far healthier for them than cooked or processed chicken. The bones are perfectly good for them too as long as they are not cooked.

However I of course agree, do NOT feed it to a dog who kills chickens.

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