EH-lo from Ontario!

Adia C

8 Years
Jan 11, 2012
Bruce County
Long time lurker finally coming out of lurkdom and joining BYC! Love the makeover!
I'm from rural Ontario, Canada. I up and moved from Toronto 8 years ago to try my hand at hobby farming and haven't looked back since. My world is shared by my human family along with dogs, cats, horses, Jersey cows, goats, pigs, and of course CHICKENS. We've gone clucking nuts over our chickens in the last 4 years. Ironically the last animal we acquired has proved one of the more entertaining and useful! We have 25 right now, mostly easter eggers, white leghorns and rhode island reds with 3 orps and a few general mixed chicks in there for good measure.
I started out with 10 EE's from a neighbour (from whom we also got our Jersey herd matron) who was retiring to BC and gave us his chickens, what a fortune that was! Can't remember why we waited so long, but now I consider every year on a farm (or even a suburban back yard) without chickens a wasted year.

I'm working on designing a new, bigger coop, as ours has grown a bit cramped, and am enjoying the coop designs here very much. So creative!

Hope to get to know all of you soon!
from North Carolina! Glad you love the new makeover, I feel like I'm losing it trying to get used to it!
But, chickens are creatures of habit, and so am I, so that's probably why I get along with them so well! Thanks for coming out of lurking and joining up!

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