Eight Chicks and Eight Hens

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    Jan 12, 2013
    Well, it's been a long road since this past June when the little "buttons" arrived from Meyer Hatchery. We ordered 8 females plus a "meal maker" but only 8 made the journey...

    Since then we've guessed, worried, considered alternative arrangements, etc. for the sure couple of roos in the bunch.

    At about 10 weeks we swore we heard the beginnings of somebody crowing. At about 15 weeks, the RIR's tail feathers started turning a bit darker than the rest of the body. At about 17 weeks, one of the Black Astralorps really started standing tall and bossing everyone around. And at 19 weeks, both the RIR and the big Black Astralorp laid eggs... Since then we figured one of the Golden Laced Wynadottes was sure to be a roo, but they both proved us wrong. We stopped guessing with the 3 Barred Rocks because we couldn't keep track of who was who.

    Then one of the Black Astralorps started jumping on a few of the other hens we know were laying eggs, and even tore one up a bit... But my wife says she is sure that one laid an egg already...

    But today, there were a total of 8 eggs by the end of they day... Boy, were we wrong... Those hens sure taught us some lessons over the past 7 months...

    Way to go Meyer Hatchery!

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