Eight is very old for a chicken correct?

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    Nov 13, 2015
    Eight is very old for a chicken correct? Because today at dusk I realized I had not seen my sizzle hen since yesterday and when I tracked her down I found her stone cold :(

    She seemed perfectly fine yesterday. Upon inspection I found her nose, mouth and eyes were clean, there was some food in her craw, I found no injury, and there is no way a predator was in their huge covered run.

    She was 8 years and 42 days old, born on my 22nd Birthday.

    Eight is super old for a hen correct? And she very likely just died of old age correct? I have yet to have a hen die of old age, do they just go suddenly without "acting" old?

    (my oldest hen is 13 by the way)
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    You and I live in Parallel Universe. I just lost my Japanese Bantam Yesterday. She was about 8 years or so. My oldest current chicken is 10 years at Easter. and an EE. and My longest living chicken lived 13 years. A Silver Sebrite .
    To answer your question, do they just die instantly? It varies just like with other living things. The latest one for me showed signs of going to other side for a couple days, and then went. That is the SAD part. Others just were found in the morning in coop.
    Here is a pix of Efiteris....
    Here is a pix of Delilah. She is blind since July 2015 after dog attack.[​IMG]

    If you go to my profile page on the large picture you can see my Silver Sebrite upper center.

    I only keep chickens as pets. Do eat the eggs.

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