Eight-week-olds first night in the coop


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Nov 30, 2012
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I put my 8 week old Australorps out in the coop yesterday and they seemed to weather the first night quite well in spite of the temp getting down to 27°F. I set up the IR lamps to create a warm spot--it's maintaining 52°F although it's still only 28° outside. I expected them to huddle under the lamp as it would be the place closest to the 60° they've been in for the last 2 weeks but they are doing normal chicken stuff throughout the coop and seem to prefer the cold, dark north end of the coop near the nest boxes. Everyone seems to be content and healthy but I wonder, will chicks this age seek out heat when they need it or do they lose this instinct? I'm continuing to watch them closely and check on them through the window every hour or so.

All hanging out in the cold near the blocked off nest boxes
I'm new to Aussies myself, but everything I've read says they are a temp-hardy breed - especially cold temps. I turned all my chicks out this past weekend here in KY, even with the nighttime temps dipping into the low 50s and everyone is doing well. We have a 30 degree temp difference between afternoon and early morning hours.
This afternoon I moved the lights so they warm the area that the birds have been hanging out in plus I put a 3-litre hot water bottle in and now they have moved over to where the lights used to be. These birds really seem to prefer cooler temps. We're down to 22° outside and the chickens are resting in an area that's in the high 30's. No piling up and carrying on normally as far as I can tell. I knew that Australorps are a cold-hardy breed but I didn't think that such young birds would be so tough.
We know the coop is naturally 10 degrees warmer than outside. So unless it drops below 35 for us, we don't put on the lamp for them.

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