El Cerrito, CA is proposing a Revised Animal Code with hen-keeping

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    Nov 16, 2008
    Yes, we are technically outlaws here since we own chickens. The original animal code states that you are allowed chickens if they are each 1/2 lb. or less. Yeah, right, probably if you had some rare Bantam breed or something. So now, we are not legal (since our chickens are normal in weight). But, the City has proposed allowing 4 hens per property of at least 5,000 sq. feet and at least 20 feet away from a nearby dwelling. It is also proposing to allow honeybee-keeping.

    If you live in El Cerrito and want to be legal or if you know of people in El Cerrito, CA who would support this change in the City's antiquated animal code, please have them call or email the City soon:

    Karen Pinkos, the Assistant City Manager, would like to hear from you:
    510-215-4302 or [email protected]-cerrito.ca.us .

    They need to hear from supporters so that the City Staff can present this revised animal code to the City Council for a vote. There is strong opposition in this conservative and older City but many of us are trying our hardest to make this happen. Nearby cities like Albany, Richmond, Berkeley and Oakland all allow hen-keeping!

    Please forward this and ask your friends to help. Many thanks. The proposed revised animal code can be found here:



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