electric fence 2 protect my next flock

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Mar 18, 2009
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I was advice to get an electric fence to avoid my situation to happen again.(dog killed them all!!) And I want to ask you guys what is a good brand and $$ to prepare for my next flock. I'm determine to have me some more chickens and not spend alot of money.


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The very best thing you can do is make sure and have a good ground. I got an 8ft ground rod from Home Depot, cut it in half and made 2 - 4ft ground rods (the recommendations say 1 to 3 ground rods). I drove them next to my a/c unit because it stays damp during the dry summer months - but of course beware of any underground pipes/wiring. I use a 10ga ground wire and ground rod clamps that "bite" into the metals. My fence is grounded better than my house's wiring!

Fi-Shock is the only thing I will pay money for. I got mine free from my uncle, but I've seen the same one on ebay for $12 (it's older) so I really can't help you with the price of it.

I have a Zebra fence box and I don't like it. It cost about $50 though, to give you a price range.

The smallest roll of wire was 1/4 mile, so wire is cheap. Insulators are pretty cheap, again I prefer the ones made by Fi-Shock - they seem sturdier.


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Oct 9, 2009
Do you have an Ace hardware near you? If so and you don't like ordering online, go to their website and under fencing there is an electrical fencing section. Get a basic small animal energizer (since its only for your dog, you don't want one thats designed for a 10 mile long fence), they also sell the wire and I believe they sell the insulators as well. As stated before get a good grounding rod (a piece of copper piping works well too if you have any kicking around). If you write down the SKU numbers or print the pages and bring it to the Ace hardware store they can order it for you and have it delivered to the store and you wont have to pay shipping.
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Each case is a little diferent. The site I like best is afence.com That site shows you to set up the best fence for your needs. And they will answere any of your questions.

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