Electric Fence?

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    Apr 23, 2011
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    I have a general question. I have a 10x10 raised garden with a 4th high fence around it. I have clipped the wings of my girls and they STILL can get in to the garden. Can I use an Electric Fence around the top of the Garden? My concern is that I would electrocute them? I know gives new meaning to FRIED CHICKEN... Can I do this without harming them? or is there a different Idea someone can come up with.
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    Apr 26, 2010
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    When you clipped their wings, You only clipped ONE wing, right? By clipping one wing, they are off balance when they try to fly. When both wings are clipped, they have to try harder to fly, but can, because they are still kinda balanced. With electric fences, to get a shock you have to be in contact with the ground,(Grounded) That's why birds can land and perch on high voltage wires with no problem. So if you were going to try the electric fence wire, put it about 6-8" off the ground all around the garden area, then they will get the shock when they push into it. I have an electric poultry fence around my coop. It carries 7000V when kept clear of weeds and grass. The birds hit it every now and again, you can really tell they aren't happy about it. But I've never had any of them fried by it. Also, you may try increasing the height of the fence, maybe with chicken wire.

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