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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by victoriamcguire, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Jun 6, 2014
    This past summer I lost all six of my ducks to an unknown predator (best guess is raccoon). I am thinking about getting either ducks again or some chickens, but I want to make sure I have the best option of keeping the raccoons out. I read online that a lot of people use electric fences to keep predators out and to make sure they stay out. I want to get multiple opinions on this before I decide upon anything. Has anyone used an electric fence before? And if you have, has it worked? I really don't want another massacre disaster...
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    Sep 19, 2009
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    I use two types of fencing, high tensile hotwire and electrified poultry netting. Both have the advantages. With small number of birds and no dog I suggest using the latter. It will not provide protection from avian predators by itself so cover and good roost can help with that. Both types of fencing become less expensive per unit are protected as the area increases.
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    Sorry for your losses. I hope you decide to get more ducks. I raise them, and love their amusing antics. I use electric net fence from Premier 1, and have been very happy with it. It is simply to set up, simple to move if necessary, simple to take down for the winter. I put it up 2 years ago, and have not had any losses to predators. I have a camera setup outside the chicken area, and I have pics of bobcat, raccoons, coyotes and bears coming around, but the fence has kept them all at bay. Initial cost is a little high, but the peace of mind was worth it for me.

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