Electric poly rope fence okay for emus?

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    Feb 22, 2013

    I just got 3 emu chicks that are 3-4 weeks old. I am trying to plan ahead for where i will keep them when they are bigger. I would LOVE to keep them in the fenced area shared with my goats, which is a 6 strand poly rope electric fence about 6 feet tall. If it will keep my Houdini escapee goat in, it has to work for emus is my thinking. The outer perimeter of the property is also fenced all the way around with various types of fence, mostly 5' welded wire with welded wire on top, as a secondary measure for keeping our animals in. I know barbed wire is dangerous for most animals, but we have a cattle ranch on one side of us and that part of the fence is his and its for his cows. I can't change it. It is not clear access for any of my animals anyway, there are other obstacles to getting near the barbed wire. The electric fenced area is about an acre.

    I also have a paddock that is about 50 x 100 and fenced with 3 rail vinyl and goat wire. It is 6' tall. I know this is probably safer, but it's also much smaller. I know the emus would prefer to have more space.

    I have other areas to put them and could customize a fence for them specifically, it just wouldn't be my preference of area. It is further away from the house and the barn. I don't want to use that option unless everyone convinces me that it really would be the best!

    I guess i'm hoping you all will tell me the poly rope electric will be just fine to keep them in!
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    I'm not familiar with electric poly rope fence, so I can't give you an opinion. I know, as a rule, electric type fences are not real compatible with emus and a sturdy rigid type of fence is almost always recommended...
  3. yinepu

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    nope.. not recommended

    We used it for our horses a few years back.. an emu wouldn't be fazed by it at all... their feathers provide too much insulation.

    believe it or not but an emu has a very thick coating of feathers... when Paco was attacked by dogs in January there were piles and piles of feathers in the yard.. but he only looked a little "deflated" when compared to the others and only had a few bare spots along the short feathers of his neck and at the base of his neck... so the majority of the feathers came from his body.. he SHOULD have looked bald with all the feathers I gathered... but he isn't.. he just isn't as fluffy as his buddies.
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    Wire fencing is always recommend for Emu. Emu are unfazed by hotwire. ...if it hits the bare skin on neck they feel something...but will hit it again....when scared.they'll run right thru it. The six strands would have to be pulled so tight that it gave no flex.....and id. Still be afraid they'd get tangled in it.....

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