Electric poultry netting and solar energizer question

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    Dec 12, 2007
    I recently bought and set up a 100 ft Premier1 electric poultry netting with an IntelliShock PRS-I 50 solar energizer. I know nothing about electric fencing but it was pretty easy to set up with directions. My problem is after setting it up I realized that both ends of the fence are in a shaded area under some heavy foliage. So the problem is that the connections for the solar energizer are on the ends of the fence where there is no sun. Can I connect the energizer to another part of the fence? There are metal clips on the ends to clip the energizer to.
    Also, in one spot where the fence is, heavy rains can create standing water. Will the chickens be harmed if they stand in the water and touch the fence(the fence is not low enough to actually be in the water)? If the water does touch the fence will the water be electrified? Thanks for any help. I am not new to chickens but new to electric fencing.

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