8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Is it a good idea to have a source of electricity in the coop? Almost finished the coop and was thinking about burying the wire in conduit up into the coop and to an outlet. Any suggestions?
Yes. That way you can extend light in the winter to prevent laying from dwindling. You could add some sort of heat to the waterer if you're in a cold climate as well. There are probably a ton more reasons to have electricity that I can't think of.
It is great to have electric in the coop. But do make sure you do it CORRECTLY i.e. to code in all respects, not overloading the circuit it's attached to, with proper materials, etc.

Good luck, have fun,

I like it for lights on short winter days, keeping the water unfrozen and for brooding new chicks in the coop. Sometimes you just need to see what you're doing in the evening, when you come home after dark. As Pat said, just do it right, so it's safe.
I hard wired a really long extention cord to my coup and plug the coup into the outside GFI outlet. That way I am protected from electrocution by the GFI and also protected from "the man" for any code violations. The building is temporary and not diretly connected to the house electricity. I hardly have it connected in the summer time, but in the winter it is almost always plugged in. It's one way to do it.
Yep thats my approach, I have also installed 1.5 inch black poly pipes accross the lawns to make mowing less of a hastle, hoses or cords can be pulled in and out as needed.

Do need to watch outside cords run about as they do provide a bit of a vector for lighting voltage spikes to get onto your electrical system.
I ran the wire through PVC pipe (about 110') and just laid it on top of the ground. Wired it into an existing GFI circuit that sees light duty for protection as well. Love it for all things, heated water bowl in winter, lighting, electric fence charger...last but not least, tools!
Well worth doing. lighting at nite if you need to go in, I keep a nite light for the birds, If it gets to hot a fan for ventilation, a blower when you clean out shavings to renew, when you want to redo something the power is there to work with too. I also ran water to the outside.

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