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  1. sodapopkid

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    Sep 24, 2012
    I have a coop that has no electricity hooked up to it as of yet. Trying to avoid it. Midwest winters get cold and looking into ways to heat the coop enough to keep them laying eggs in the winter. My coop is attached to my garage (which has no elecricity) and the nesting areas are inside the garage. Options I am considering:

    wood burning stove in the garage area to keep nesting boxes warm and drinking water from freezing

    snuggle safe heaters for water

    pop can solar heat collector

    using a solar collector/light to use a heated bulb in the coop during cold

    I have read to NOT use any artificial heat but, want to keep them laying in the winter. I was also told by some that the key is a light in the coop/nesting areas on during day hours to trick them into how long the days are and keep them laying. Winter is 60 days or less away. My coop has 4 nesting boxes so, less than 8 chickens in my coop.

    Any insight/advice would be great. I have read comments that contradict each other so, guess I will have to find out what is easiest and cheapest to use.
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    Feb 28, 2012
    I have also heard it's the length of daytime/light that triggers egg laying and not heat. A solar power charged battery to run a light would be the best option in my opinion although it wouldn't be cheap. And [​IMG].

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