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    I am having electricity installed in my barn/coop..I know there is a type of light bulb to stay away from, teflon coated I think..I searched around, but can't seem to find what type of light bulbs that are "safe"...So asking the experts,,what type/brand of light bulbs am I looking for? and staying away from??

    (this isn't going to be a source of constant light, just light when I need to go in there at nite).
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    JackE is spot on. You want to stay away from any exposed bulb because of the dust in a chicken coop which can ignite if it gets hot enough. Besides dust, you don't want your bulb exposed to moisture or breaking. It's best to hardwire your coop; extension cord connections can also ignite from a buildup of dust.
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    I won't be using any extension cords. The light will only be in use when I am going in and out at nite, it will never be left on if I am not in the coop itself..
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    There's a post on this topic here:


    And another with a link:


    Hope this helps you. Personally, I've got an exterior motion-sensored fixture mounted on the side of the barn which gleams into the windows of the coop. It's enough light so I can see and count heads at end of day - and being outside on another structure, I have no worries about Teflon coated bulbs.

    I did mount an exterior electric box inside the coop to allow for a Brinsea Ecoglow to run when needed as a brooder. The exterior electric box is covered with a plastic housing which keeps most of the dust and all the debris out. As for spiders? Well, they seem drawn to the current!

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