Electrolyte for mumma and chicks..??

Feb 23, 2018
So my chicken is sitting on eggs to hatch and had not got up from day 18 today is day 20 i think they will hatch soon..i give my chicken lil feed in bow near her nest and some grains in the bowl...bt as she has not got up she will be little weak...so can i give her some electrolyte water(home made) after she completes hatch and decides to move..? (Sugar salt and water)


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Dec 25, 2012
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What you are describing is perfectly normal for a sitting hen. Don't put food and water to close to her or her nest because it may have the unintended effect of causing her to foul her nest. Believe me, hens were hatching baby chickens long before I came on the scene and hens will continue to hatch chickens with no outside help long after you or I leave this Earth. Since hens don't sweat electrolytes are useless. But I will admit to adding a liquid vitamin - mineral supplement used to combat "shipping fever" to my soaked feed. Therefor my hens are better able to withstand the self imposed fast that sitting and hatching chicks entails. Also the eggs hatch much better and most do so within a 12 hour period. You'll have far fewer "special needs" chicks if the eggs you set already have all the nutrients inside needed to make a healthy chick.

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