Electrolytes in Bulk Tub?


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I just used my last little packet of Sav-A-Chick and was thinking that there had to be a more cost-effective way to give electrolytes to a flock of 20 birds than spending all that money on little packets. I own measuring spoons, I don't need someone to measure things for me in individual packets.

What can you tell me about the availability of poultry electrolytes in tubs of powder that I could measure out myself?
There are home made electrolyte recipies, easy to do in small quantities as needed. And really, hardly ever necessary anyway.
Can't imagine using ten pounds in my lifetime!

I give them once a week when temperatures are in the mid-90's. Which means most weeks from late May to mid-September. I actually haven't used them much this summer since it's been ridiculously coop with a couple weeks that never actually broke 90.
True, here in the snow belt, it hasn't been too hot as often. When it's been 90F plus, our birds do have good shade, cold water, and they cope fine without a separate electrolyte waterer.
Couldn't live where it's 100F or hotter!!!

It's a remarkably cool summer here -- not a lot of days over 95 and not over 100 even once.

The chickens acclimate, but the electrolytes are cheap insurance. :)

I don't bother with ice, wetting the run, and that kind of thing (maybe if we were breaking 100), I just give them shade, water, the ability to dig into cooler ground, and those weekly electrolytes.

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