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Hey Everyone,

I was reading another thread on here from a few months ago and someone was having a problem with their Silkie. The symptoms sounded exactly like what a lot of our MM chicks have been having (fall over, head/neck issues, drunken walk).

Another member told her that the electrolytes/vitamin supplement she was putting in her water was bad for them (just the electrolyte portion). Anyone else ever heard of that? I thought that, according to the label, I was supposed to keep using the quick chick until it was gone.

The member with the silkie stopped adding the electrolytes to the water and said that the silkie recovered somewhat and was walking better (even though the head thing was still an issue).

Just hoping to try anything that works! I don't want to rule out any cause! I wonder how many of us with chick problems are using quick chick or other electrolytes?

I would love to hear from you all.

I believe the problem is the fact that elecrolytes are for dehydration and if given and they are not dehydrated it can cause other problems. If they are not showing signs of dehydration then switch to straight vitamin.
Thanks Kitty! I just switched out their water and did NOT put the quick chick in it. I was also wondering if there could be any adverse effects of using tap water from my kitchen faucet, since I have a water softening system. I know that water softeners use salt, and perhaps that is exasperating any other problems (or even BEING a problem). I don't know, but I am willing to do anything at this point.

I also used water from an outside faucet, in hopes that it does not go through the water softening system. Again, I don't know if any of this will be better or worse, but I'll give it a shot.

Still would love to get some feedback on whether we (people having chick problems) are all using electrolytes or not. Until we know for sure, I'll keep looking...
NO SALT!!!!! If your water system has a softener on it you have salt in your water-Do not use it!!! Salt is harmful to chickens! You will have to check the plumbing for the outside faucet to see if it comes from before the softener-most do!

I don't use electorlytes for my chickens.

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