Elegant Bantam Polish, Bantam Buff Brahma and bantam Cochin roosters

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  1. chickee

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    Non Hatchery, Buff Laced 7 month old Polish rooster. 1 Buff Columbian and 1 white (very friendly, great type!) 8 month old Cochin rooster. 3 Non standard colored (buff x WC Chocolate) elegant! 8 month old Polish roosters. 1 John Neff line Buff Brahma 8 month old rooster and 5 Darlene Hobb's line 7 month old roosters~ show winning lines!

    Super healthy, gentle, non agressive, sweet boys!

    Local pick-up only in Grass Valley, CA.





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  2. bethbug74

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    Mar 28, 2011
    Fort Smith, Arkansas
    I really wish you could ship, I'd love the Buff laced polish roo.

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