Element Wars the Dark Times

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  1. Hello and welcome to Element Wars

    Ok so technically you are a human with element powers. In a far away land called Kazia are the people of the elements. One dark day a war against the leaders of the different tribes for the Element Ball that has the power of all the elements...but there is hope when a girl was born in Water tribe who can control all the the elements and is taken to a secret place called Hidden tribe where she finds out there are a little more like her that they call People of Elements.


    The Secretive Hidden tribe is really a secret pack of 50-60 members who don't work in the war but against it none of the tribes know where it is.it's located in the Silver mountains.

    The Fury Fire tride are the one who control fire and heat it self. It's located in a volcanic part of Kazia

    The Rushing Water tribe are the ones that control water, ice,and all things could and wet. They live in a huge forest surrounded by rivers and in the middle of there territory is a huge fresh water lake called Crystal lake.

    The Rough Earth tribe are the ones who control plants and rocks. They live in the Lone mountain and a few valleys around it.

    The Breezy Wind tribe are the ones that control the winds and clouds.they built their tall marble cities all across a huge plain but u will mostly find them in the air or in their skyscraper like marble buildings with a lot of arches that lead out in to the sky.

    What I say goes

    DON'T rp unless I accepted your forum

    I want people in the war not just in Hidden tribe

    No cursing

    Not much else just have fun

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  2. Name:Willow
    Element/Tribe:has power over all the elements was in Water tribe but the leader of Hidden tribe took her to Hidden tribe when she was 7.
    History: She has great control and power of the elements she will one day have to lead the People of the Elements in to battle one day soon for she is destined to so says the the leader of hidden tribe. She doesn't remember her family and wishes to return to Water tribe when the war's over.
    Personally: shy to most people but smart,brave,strong,and a national leader around her few friends
    Description/picture:a beautiful girl with pitch black hair and has the most beautiful shocking bright green eyes. Wears navy blue jeans and a grey jacket with the hoodie always up is mostly bare foot.
    Username:Frost bite88
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    Name : Robin
    Age : 17
    Gender : female
    Element/tribe: Hidden tribe water element
    History : Was tired of the war and joined the Hidden tribe.
    Crush: none
    Personality : Smart, brave, kind but firm, social.
    Username : Eruanna

  4. (Accepted)
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    (Great :D)
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    (I hope more people join so we can start. This is going to be fun!)

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