Ellie is on her way to the evet....


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
Fairborn OH
Ellie delivered 2 pups today the 3rd one became lodged on the pubic bone. After Ellie pushed for over an hour we knew something wasn't quite right. We internally checked her and could feel the pup, not being able to grasp it we tried to reposition her and tried to help her along. After several bathroom breaks and several attempts about an hour had passed, we talked to the evet clinic and they told us several things to try (most of which we had already tried) the last resort was to see if we could get the pup back in and off the pubic bone so maybe it could reposition and come out with no such luck we decided our only option was to take her into the vet. We are unsure if said puppy is still alive though DH said he thought he could feel it move. We are unsure of the status of any of the other pups that are still in her. I will update when DH calls from the vet. Please say a prayer for Ellie and her pups born and unborn. Thanks!
Congrats on the puppies. Hope everything goes well for Ellie and the rest of her puppies.
Ellie had to have a csection, the 3rd puppy was vary large and stuck. The vet said it was probably dead before it got stuck. The good news is Ellie is home very tired but tired. We have 4 Healthy pups (3 BOYS AND 1 GIRL)
I will get pictures up in the next couple of days. Momma and pups are doing well. Now just gotta come up with names for them. All are nursing well. I can easily express milk from Ellie. All seems to be going well so far.
Keep an eye on the milk and listen to the tone of the pups - sometimes the trauma of a c-section will dry momma up.

I'm sorry if you already know this! Don't mean to be a bossy busy body!
We refer to the pups by their collar color except our little bi-color boy, he is Blackjack. lol
My kids are little and always ask what their names are. I keep having to tell them they have no names until their new families come up with a name at 6-7 weeks.

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