Elliot Male Pheasant Needed -


10 Years
Aug 14, 2009
Texas - Best Place on Earth
So I had 4 Elliot Pheasants. 1 Male and 3 females. My male started to look sad about 3 days ago, so I started him on electrolies and antibiotics incase he had an infection. I dont think he had worms cause he was fat and not skinny. Any hoo, after 3 days of treatment, I go check his pen this morning and he is DEAD... as if he just died 3 seconds ago... he body compleatly able to move and soft, but no life...

I dont know whats going on...

On the bright side my Green peacock is doing better...

So If you have an extra Elliots Male or wanna sell me your Elliots male, please contact me...

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