elliot pic today


obsessed with "ducks"
11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
The girl wouldnt stay still she was a blur.
He,s got some spurs on him.
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Thanks everyone.
Dan I sent you a PM on this site as well as GBWF. My old browser was internet explorer 7 I tried 9 (didnt like) trying 8 right now. Probably gonna go back to 7 as it stands now . I havent tried google chrome yet,. I think they are still having problems on their end here.And thats why you may have PM problems for now. I dont really want to change anything on my end till about a month then hopefully they have all the problems solved on BYC. It will eventually work for you one way or another on here I hope. Im sorry I dont hardly ever send or use emails. Although if thats what I gotta do for you I can. Shawn
I'm using explorer 8 with few problems but the change seem to have bcaused oroblems for a few people I've run into now. I know Rob (nifty) suggested use with firefox or google chrome.

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