Emaciated pullet may die. Suggestions appreciated.

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    I posted earlier. I have taken a ten month old Buff Orp'n pullet from a friend who thought she was sick. She is badly emaciated, very weak and evidently anemic. This morning I discovered that she was horribly infested with mites. I got permetherin powder from the feed store and powdered her good. But she is so weak, when I put her on her back to treat her underside she just laid there. She is barely eating or drinking. She will take a few bites of bread at a time if we soak it in water. I am very worried she may not make it.

    I have offered her cooked egg and some cat food to boost her protein but she won't take it. I could use ideas.
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    You use you aquarium tubing to tub feed her. Search the threads as I know several people have posted good instructions on how to do this. Give her electrolytes and maybe even way protein if you can find some without sweetener.

    You could also force feed with a squirting syringe but you have to be VERY careful not to asphyxiate her. Squirt into her mouth and let her swallow. DO NOT squirt it down her throat.
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