Emden Goose bitten on beak

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    May 4, 2007
    medina, ohio
    I have a pair of Chinese and one Emden female geese I purchased last Spring when I got my chicks. The dogs 2 schnauzers are behind a chain link fence 50x70 behind and attached to the house. The geese squawk at the dogs and the dogs bark back. This morning the Emden put her head through the fence and the male dog grabbed her beak. Part is missing and she is bleeding. The other two geese shield her so I have not gotten a good look. I was just going to wait and see if it stops or should I catch her and try to bandage or at least clean with peroxide.
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    Most likely just leave it alone. Had the same happen in September. Whatever got her beak removed the whole top portion as far back as the nostrels. Thought she had figured out how to deal with it, but she didn`t make it. As long as your girl is able to eat and drink, I wouldn`t be concerned.

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