Emergency! 18 days old, labored breathing


8 Years
Jul 16, 2014
Norman, OK, USA
This is a chick who has always been slower than the other ones in movement and even as far as kind of figuring out that everybody's headed one way towards mom in the coop and not the other way. All 5 chicks were hatched and are being raised by a broody mom who is taking really good care of them. They're eating start and grow feed, a mixture of medicated and regular, because I couldn't get ahold of the medicated right when they were born. Just a few minutes ago I noticed that it's breathing in a labored way and when I went to pick it up its belly is like that of a puppy - a swollen belly. Dirt floor in coop with a very small amount (maybe 5%) of pine bedding/ shavings ( Small amount because it is really hot here now).

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