Emergency - Ailing goose - watery pop


15 Years
May 7, 2007
Ft. Myers FL (in the Boonies)
My normally loud boisterous goose is definitely not well.
She is an African Grey not quite a year old I have 3 females and they have been laying for the past 3 months or so. A few days ago I found a shell-less egg trampled in the pen. I don't know who laid it.
Today I when to let the geese out to range, she slowly went with the others. She proceeded to drink water from their wading pool. She tries to act normal, but it seems to be an effort. She lays a lot and is not joining the rest of the flock.
I noticed her wings tremble a bit while resting and her vent area looks a bit wetter than the others. Also when she is squatting, her vent is moving quite actively. I saw her poop and it was very watery. Any ideas?
I want to catch this before it gets any worse.

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