Emergency care for a Mandarin duck

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    Today I found my male Mandarin laying in the back corner of the enclosed part of the aviary. He moved some as I tried to catch him but I caught him more easily than usual. Upon inspection, his back in between his tail and his wings was missing feathers and had blood in it. It looks like something got a hold of the feathers and pulled them off. His bill also had some scratches on it - only thing I can think of is possible damage from the hardwire cloth if he tried to fight back?

    Anyways, the back wound smelled a little bit and he did not struggle much. I put blue kote on it and put him in my quarantine area with water and food and he has not moved yet. What do I do to help him through this? My quarantine area is still a decent size (10x4x4) and the ducks are clipped so they can't fly anyways. Do I put his mate in there with him? Would that stress them both out or help them both? I also have nutridrench available - do I give him some of that in the water? What else can I do to help?

    Thank you in advance!
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    No point in putting his mate in since you are trying to heal him. Sounds like you done everything right, If I have a deep wound I use neosporin. It gets dirty looking but That has always worked best for me. Sure keep an eye on him but also dont keep on messing with him too much cause stress can be about as bad as a wound sometimes. Good luck
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