EMERGENCY-Chick had flesh ripped off feet, now only bone and nail


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Feb 20, 2013
Hi! Someone please help me, it is gut wrenching to look at! my baby chick hatched while I wasn't home and my mom put it in with my handicap chick and it's two week old gosling sibling. my baby goose preens my handicapped chick and he tried to help and preen my new chick but it kept flipping onto it's back and he preened and tried to help it but he is so big and he has such a sharp strong beak that he accidentally bit and ripped off almost all the flesh off of my babies leg.
the one foot I can see almost all and every bone in its foot and toes and I can see the nails completely, on that leg there is some rips too, I cant tell if the tendons or muscles are ripped but the foot looks really really bad! I am unsure if it is broken or what I just cant really see what is what.
the other foot is swollen and I cant tell if there is anything broken there, but that one just looks very bruised, swollen and the only thing there is a little raw and missing skin like a scrape. im not extremely worried about that foot.
but it still uses its bone foot and can kick pretty hard, but the foot joint and toes look extremely horrid.

Please please please help!! I am going to fix it up and clean it when I get in from the barn. I will also take pictures if needed. I need help tho, I don't know if there are muscles and tendons on top of the toes because there aren't any really left. im thinking of fixing it and putting him in a cup for a few days+ to help. idk if that will be good or not but I need some advice here I haven't dealt with anything like this yet!!

thank you in advance!!! Jazmin
I think it would be humane to put him to sleep, because you can see the bones. You could give him a chance if you feel obligated. Rinse off the wound, place a gnaw on the wound and vet wrap it.
this little guy is a crazy little trouper walking around so I am going to wrap it and cross my fingers he is okay. if all else fails I will put him to sleep. thank you. and umm what do you mean by gnaw??
in my attempt to clean it hurt him a lot and when I started and finished wrapping he went into shock, he then was having breathing and heart problems so I am sad to say that all else failed, he had lost too much blood and was in too bad of a condition to make it. RIP my little trouper <3
I'm sorry for your loss.
thank you everyone! I know it does hurt, but I know it is also part of the commitment. I love my animals, they are my passion, but I know with love and happiness comes heartbreak and sadness. but in the end, I think it is worth it, I know it hurts a lot, but my passion keeps me going and continuing. I know many of your words of wisdom and knowledge from your years of experience are amazing and are crazily helpful. I just turned 17, and I have been doing this my whole life, but I have never been breeding like this so, lol, I have been trying to learn how to save every hatchling! I have saved many and learned a lot from you guys. so thank you all a ton!!!! your sympathy and understanding is appreciated.
and sorry for the rant, I just want you to understand how much I truly am thankful for all your help and appreciate it greatly!!

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