Emergency! Chicken Possibly Dying

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    Jun 10, 2013
    A few weeks ago, we had a chicken die. The two days before we found her dead in the coop, she was acting off. Hanging out by herself, standing or sitting in the same place with her eyes closed and breathing strangely, and her feathers were puffed up. We checked her twice to see if she was egg bound and there was nothing and then we found her in the coop one evening dead. We noticed that the area beneath her vent, in between her legs was a little swollen.

    Now today, we have a chicken who was acting completely normal this morning and now this evening, she has the exact same symptoms. We have her in a crate away from the other chickens, under a heat lamp, but she's sitting in there with her feathers puffed up and she appears to be struggling to breath, or at the very least she's breathing very strangely. We checked to see if she's egg bound and we cant feel anything but she is also swollen a little in between her legs. I have no idea what to do or what this could be. Any help or advice is appreciated.

    This is what she looks like right now:

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    So sorry. I would make sure she's getting plenty of water. Water is more critical than food.
    The breathing makes me think respratory.
    There are two types of respratory: bacterial and/or viral.
    If it's bacterial an antibiotic will help.
    If it's viral then supportive care is your best bet.

    For supportive care, isolation is key. Keep her hydrated, I like to add a supplement. I'm a big fan of nutridrench.
    I also do a vaporizer with vet rx a few times a day.
    Finally, I've wet feed to an oatmeal consistency. I sometimes add applesauce to get her to eat.

    I try to avoid antibiotics unless I know what I'm treating. However Tylan and oxytetricyclin are good choices for CRD. If you choose, injectable is better than adding to water to make sure your getting the right dose in her.

    Best of luck!

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