Emergency...Chickens need help, food, water, electric lines down...

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    One of our members needs our help. There are alot of us here, so alot of thought and suggestions should come out of this.

    Here is the problem...Oregon County, Missouri. Snow, ice, and downed power lines are keeping our member from feeding, watering, medicating her flock, her pets. Help is needed before our member looses the whole flock of birds.

    Power company is Howel Oreon Electric County Operation. That is what I know. I looked at the web site and did not find anything useful.

    Looking for community help here. Any suggestions. I will tell this person about this thread.

  2. I live in Howell county. Went to HOE coop on 63 north of West Plains a few days ago to report lines down in front of the property.

    I spoke to one of the guys there and he told me it could be NEXT FRIDAY before power gets restored to some people.

    The most important part of this is the Water. Probably everyone is on a well and without electric, no water. Friends and neighbors who have electric need to be sure to share the wells as this point.

    The only other thing is a generator and I have not seen one for miles and they are expensive.

    The ice is melting and by tomorrow all should be gone. One can collect the ice melting for water, we have.
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    Oct 17, 2008
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    Quote:They have my prayers!
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    May 4, 2008
    Geofrey I have a live power line on my chicken houses and coops and its really dangerous to go try and feed and water or get them out because of the ice and snow around we have completely no water. and its been this way since the 27th my birds are going to end up starving if someone doesn't atleast move the power line off my chicken houses,coops and the ground. I tried and tried to get them to come out and the only thing I got was stay away from it because its dangerous. I have power but no power to our well due to this line being down and same for my other place but no power no water. water isn't as scary to me though as the fact that I can't get feed or water to my chickens. I am able to get to all my horses to feed and i've been melting ice on a fire out side and taking it to them since I knew no other way to get them water.
    IT'S BEEN 5 DAYS! I have to do something soon! I'm not trying to complain about HOE (Howel Oregon Electric) I know they are doing their best and I am not complaining about myself I just don't want my chickens to die... with out food they won't keep much heat and then they will get cold and die... I love them....
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    Quote:How old are the chickens?
    How many?

    If they are feathered out, they are not going to freeze..

    can you get close nough to throw food at them??

    take paper bags like lunch bags and put a couple of pounds of food into it, toss it through a window and the bag should burst. break a window out if you have to..

    for water, snake a hose into the coop and pour water in with a funnel right onto the floor if you cannot hit a container.. they will drink enough to survive..
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    Call THE Newss. I'm serious. I'm so sorry. Do you have anything like a lasso and some sort of non conducting electrical device to pull this away..

    I'll talk to hubby maybe he could have ideas.

    I would try news media. Can any oney the board have a contact with radio or tv or national news.
    Could you drive an old vehicle into the side of the coop so they could escape and get food. Cou you even launch a vehicle like a sled loaded with weights that would create a way of escape.

    Do we have windows in it and a paint ball machine, then you knock the windows out that way and build a long funnel (paper - non conducting)

    II've got am chores but I'd be glad to start a phone chain.

    If the chickens could fly. I'm praying for a quick answer for you.

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    I am considering trying to use rubber boots and gloves to try and get feed to them but i'm not sure how that will work...

    They are 7 months at the least all are fully feathered.

    Would it be possible to wear fully rubber boots and rubber gloves and not get fried out there ?
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    do not go in there. chickens can be replaced a lot easier than you can. Just lob food in there like the guy said, in paper sacks, remember, water conducts electricity extremely well. keep that in mind with any creative watering solutions you may decide on.
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    So sorry to hear about your situation. I hope that the electric company comes by because safety first is always a good plan..

    (you might want to call them and tell them that you are planing to to in and rescue your animals.. of course, they might bring out the nice young men in their clean white coats and come to take you away... BUT IF they know that all they have to do is to MOVE the wire, they might allow someone to drive by.. just a thought.)

    That said, I think I would have a heck of a time sitting by while my animals starved. jvls1942 has some great suggestions.

    I looked up some information via google - I'm not an electricity expert or even novice - and disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer.. BUT - here is some info on high voltage and gloves/insulation.. looks like you need something under the rubber gloves to insulate further at a minimum.

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    Here is more info that makes safety first the best strategy - Based on some of the info here - you might want to think carefully about your watering strategy.. got this info from an Australian electric company site


    Electricity is a static force.
    Electricity is a flowing force. It always seeks ground and will take all paths to get there – it will flow through water, metal, trees, wood, rubber, straw, tires or people. It takes less than a second for electricity to pass from a powerline, through a tree branch, to a person. The voltage on the ground from a downed powerline is highest in the immediate area around the electrical source and decreases with distance. Walking over the area or touching an object or person in the area can cause a fatal shock.

    As long as you don't touch a live powerline you are safe to stand near it.
    Electricity can arc or jump across open air so Country Energy recommends people keep at least 8 metres clear of fallen or low hanging powerlines for safety.

    If you switch the power off at the main switch in the meter box it's safe for you to disconnect the power yourself.
    You should never attempt to disconnect your meter box as it could explode. Always have a qualified electrician carry out electrical work.

    Water does not conduct electricity very well.
    Water does conduct electricity so you should never spray water guns or hoses at powerlines – this includes irrigation jets. You should never use electrical equipment near pools or baths.

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