EMERGENCY Dog got ahold of chicken, might have broken leg. Emergency!!


10 Years
Oct 7, 2009
1) Columbian Wyandotte, 5 months, 5 pounds
2) She is breathing heavily and she is unable to stand on her right leg. When I flip her on her back her leg hangs out to the right more than usual
4) No bleeding, thank god. Hans, our dog, had her in his mouth but not too tight. I think the injury came from her fighting back.
5) Inury just happened.
6) No poop yet
7) None
8 ) I think I want to treat her myself if I can. I don't know if I can afford to take her to the vet
9) Can't get a pic of her now that she is in the copp. She won't let me get close to her.
10) enclosed coop with pine shavings and cut straw.

She seems alert and more relaxed. Her breathing has slowed. I guess I am just curious if chickens can live with a broken leg or what the healing process is like. If there is anything I can really do to help her.
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I would try to catch her and keep her separated. Is she hopping on her good leg? It sounds to me like she dislocated a joint or something. All I can suggest is to keep her warm and calm. Make sure she is eating and drinking. She may be in shock.
If she has a broken leg, it either needs to be reset or she should be humanely euthanized. I have heard some successfully resetting broken bones using popsicle type sticks. You will need to keep her on an anti inflamatory (ie baby aspirin) to help with pain. If it broke thru the skin, you will need to consider infection as well. She needs to be confined for her healing process to keep her movement at a minimal.
Make available to her electrolytes for shock. In a pinch you can spritz a little pedialtye or gatorade on a piece of wtaermelon or whatever you know she likes.

Rescue Remedy - a drop in water, for stress.

Poor thing will need pain relief - 1 baby aspirin crushed ina cup of water if/when there is no active bleeding (other than very minor) and if you don't suspect internal bleeding/injuries. Change to fresh batch at leasy daily.

Evaluate the injury when she calms down well enough - death from shock was her most immediate threat.


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