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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by clairabelle21, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. clairabelle21

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    Feb 19, 2015
    i have an Indian runner, around 4 months old, and last night it came home after being out with the rest of ducks and all of the feathers around it neck have been striped of. it looks as if something has skinned it. It wasn't bleeding but it was red and didn't look comfortable, and you can see all of the muscles in its neck. The duck is still eating/drinking/pooping, and wanting to go off with its mates. I thought it would probably die over night so i put it with some food and water in a cage, with still enough room to move around freely. It survived the night and the day today, and i know need to know if i can treat it in someway or if i should just get him put down. Any suggestions as to what might have caused it would be helpful so I can try and prevent it happening to the rest of them. I live on a farm and we have possums, stoats, and also wire fences, but none that it could have got stuck in.

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    Id have to recommend going to vet, he could have mits or something else tats affecting the skin. possibly even lice.
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    A vet is best, and in the meantime, or if that is not possible -
    Keep him in away from flies! They will lay eggs in the wound.

    Get him into a lukewarm tub of water - let him rinse off very well.

    Look closely for signs of fly eggs and get them off if there are any there.

    Clip the feathers at the edges of the wound.

    Start with four times a day spraying saline solution on the skin - all over.

    If you have something like Vetericyn, spray with that.

    Ducks can recover from horrendous injury - give him a chance.

    If there are any signs of infection, start oral antibiotics.

    You may want to consider topical antibiotic cream, not ointment. Cream soaks in but lets air get to the wound - ointment is going to keep air out, and you want air to reach the wound.

    Give poultry vitamins in the water twice a week to boost his system.

    Please keep us advised.

    Try to find what happened - whatever it is will be back

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