Emergency! Foot infected blister, other foot joint warm and swollen

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    Mar 8, 2013
    My Americana hen somehow has an infected leg....
    Two days ago I noticed my hen not able to place her left foot on the ground and bear weight I had a look and both leg joints (by foot) looked swollen but it's hard to tell....
    Nothing looked broken
    I cleaned off the poo on her feet she seemed better
    Hubby brought her to me today be he said she hasn't moved since yesterday, and was hiding in the corner of the coop
    I cleaned her feet but it looks like she has yellowy blister on the bottom of her left foot. There is yellow dried puss/skin on the top of her foot.

    Her right leg joint feels quite warm to the touch and if I try to feel it she flinches
    So.. We bandaged her "blistered" foot to keep it covered
    She will now be bar weight on it

    She's eating and drinking, seems fine behaviourally, but in pain be she's not moving a lot.
    My worry is If there's an infection, what can I give her?
    What about for pain?
    Our vet here is not knowledgable in birds. I've called and they told me to google it or look on forums.
    We separated her from the others too
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    It may be bumblefoot. Can you post a picture? You can also look it up in the search bar for pictures so you can compare yours. Good luck!

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    Sep 20, 2015
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