EMERGENCY! HELP!!!! Newborn chick bleeding!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by aqhaktberry3, Nov 14, 2009.

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    May 25, 2009
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    We have eggs in an incubator and their day to hatch Friday, but only 3 hatched. And there was also a fourth that was beginning to peck through. I read that you were not supposed to help them, but I ready something else also that said you could help it come out of its shell by just pulling off the shell and then letting it come through the membrane.
    So i did this and while i was doing this i saw no bleeding whatsoever but when i put the chick back into the incubator with the others, they started to pick on him and particularly in a spot that looked like it could be its penis, but were not sure what it is. Maybe his anus? or the place where his umbilical chord was?
    please help! he's chirping all night and seems to be in pain! is there anything at all that we can do?!
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    leave him in the incubator to dry and pull the other chicks out and put them under a light somewhere else. This very thing happened to me. I think it is his cord.. I left mine alone till he dried and moved around..... it was about 7 hours alone... but he needed it to recoop. Keep the others away and give him a chance to recoop
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    May 25, 2009
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    thanks for the reply! that makes me feel a little better.

    if anyone else has any advice whatsoever please reply!!!

    thanks so much!
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    I had one tear itself where the umbilical cord attached. Some of his insides were sticking out. I pushed what I could back in and put a band aid over it and put him back in the incubator. (the others were pecking at him too) I didn't have much hope for him. The next day, he was still alive, and I moved all the babies to the brooder. I replaced the band aids as necessary and did my best to keep it clean. The next day he was alive, but there was a lot of fluid buildup, so I thought he had an infection. I didn't expect him to make it.

    It's now been 3 weeks and he's totally healed. His feather growth is a little behind, but otherwise, he's like nothing ever happened.

    Good luck with your little one.

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