(EMERGENCY )hen Chick tries to chirp but no sound comes out

Mar 27, 2018
I need help guys please. I have 2 chicks. Both of them tries to chirp but no sound comes out. Its like they have lost their voices. I have another problem. One of those chicks have a brown runny stool. And It also looks like they both sneezes. (Theres really hot in my city these days the average about 34 throgh out the day )
Are you sure they're trying to chirp? If you pick them up do they chirp? What's the temp. In your brooder? If chicks are too hot they will open their mouths and pant.. maybe that's what they're doing??
Yes i am sure they are trying to chirp. Sometimes when they try to chirp, i hear faint chirping. I can also confirm that they are trying to chirp by looking at their beaks. When i picked them up, i heard really faint chirps. I cant understand ur question of what is the temp. in ur brroder.
I dont know about their age because i brought them from the market. But it seems like they are probably 9-12 days old. I have instaaled a fan to keep the temperature low.

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