Emergency Less Than a Week Old Chick Caught Under Foot!

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  1. Clemuel

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    Apr 16, 2012
    We have a young chick that we discovered about 3 days ago abandoned in a field by our house. The chick looked to be very young, we're guessing born that day or the day before. We've had the chick for 3 days.

    Today one of my teenage daughters almost stepped on the chick, but caught herself before putting her full weight down, instead of squashing the chick, her foot kind of rolled over the chick. At first, we were sure the chick would die (and at times thought it had died), but it's been a little longer than 12 hours and the chick has stood once, accepted some water, will lift and turn head (but doesn't have great head control), has spread wings, and moves legs, but the chick isn't moving around much. The chick mostly sits/lays quietly. The chick keeps eyes closed more than not, and breathing is rapid at times (somewhat like a pant).

    This chick had already won our hearts, but since the accident, we have fallen in love with this little fighter. If anyone can offer advice on how to treat the chick to give it the best chance to survive, we sure would appreciate it.
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    Panting, could the chick be too hot? Do you have her under a heating light? Does it have feathers or the baby fur, sort of speaking, I would start with Polyvisol. Just a drop or two per day. does she have difficultlies in eating? Does it seem like maybe she's got a broken leg? She could be in shock, keep her very quiet. Chickens usualy do not like to be alone, try giving her a stuffed animal to cuddle with. Is she eating a lot or just a tiny bit at a time? does she seem skinny? if not eating as much as you think she should be, try softening up the food, when you do this don't worry about her drinking as long as she eats the softened food.

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