Emergency!!! My dog attacked my chickens! Wounded one!!! PICS!!!


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My dog got out and attacked my chickens about 10 minutes ago. She was only able to catch one bird, and thankfully she didn't kill her, but she did wound her. My EE girl got most of her tail ripped out and my first instinct was to stop the bleeding, so I did an old remedy, I packed flour into the wounds I immediately saw, which really didn't look like much, just some broken feather shafts. But my DD moved the tail and some back feathers aside and I see what looks like a gash where the dog's tooth must have ripped her. What should I do to treat it? What I have immediately on hand are peroxide, betadine, and Bactine, but the Bactine has pain reliever in it. It's a spray. She isn't gushing blood. I am attaching pics below. How should I clean this? What exactly should I do?

This picture shows her tail after the dog got a hold of her, before we found the open wound on her lower back:


And this one is the open wound:


I have not put flour on it or anything else. It's under her feathers where other birds shouldn't see it and peck at it. What is the best way to clean it?
I would rinse it with clean water and pour hydrogen peroxide on it. Then I would spray some wound cote over it...(I keep it in my horsey first aid stuff)
Oh sorry about your girl
I would clean with the wound with betadine - the hydrogen is bad for the good skin
don't use the bactine - no pain relivers for chickens
keep her in quiet warm place and get some electrolyes in her - pedialyte is good
up her protein intake
chickens heal amazing - I had a Silkie attacked by a hawk with a huge gash and she has healed great - lot of this same advise was given
hope she does good
I wouldn't worry too much...I have a hen that was attacked by something and ripped the whole side under her wing off. I did what I suggested earlier and she is running around the coop like nothing happened and laying huge eggs:)
I don't have any pedialyte. Can I give her sugar water? And how bad is her split beak going to affect her? She is not normally a snuggly chicken but she is nestled down in my arms. She's in shock.
this happened to my BR hen early this summer.. she had her tail feathers ripped out.. I just used blu-kote on it.. however she had a huge rip under her wing.. I grabbed the super glue and blotted it with a paper towel and held the tear together while son put drops of glue on the seam.. you want to hold it together and not put directly in wound.. leave a 1/4 inche open for drainage... then I applied blu kote or neosporin to it. But look her over really good.. a week after this happened, she smelled like death.. not either of the wounds I treated.. but she had a puncture wound under the other wing that I did not find until it was really swollen and smelly.. I cleaned it out with peroxide really good, then rinsed with sterile water (using a clean un used hair color bottle to squirt in the hole really really good) and again sprayed blu-kote on it.. I did not put on any antibiotics and she healed up great.. she didnt have alot of movement in the one wing so she only roosted on the lowest roost.. but after a week she was moving up.. She was timid around the dogs for most of summer , but is now coming back up to the house for treats. Good luck.. just look her over really good
and as to the super glue trick.. vets have been using it for years its just sold to them as Vet Bond.. but mine was all dried up and super glue works just the same...
If the split isn't far enough down that it is bleeding then it will most likely just grow out. Watch it and if it doesn't heal properly you might need to trim it.

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