emergency please need help ASAP (Oh no.. now Mr perty is feeling bad)Graphic description


10 Years
Sep 7, 2009
Southeast texas
One of my Pea hens was acting lethargic yesterday and is down this morning.
I am wanting to give her some tylan 200 but need the dosage/ how many and how far apart and injection site before it is too late as i found a very small wound on her and am thinking she has an an infection.

Thanks for the help
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I was to late she just passed away just a muinet ago, i am going to do an autopsy to see what i can find.
Such a sad day, she was my favorite hen.
RIP Lady Di

Not saying it couldn't be that but out of 100's of birds here free ranging here she was the only sick one. will see what i find in the autopsy.
Cocci....doesnt normal kill grown prefowl..check the liver...blackhead affect the liver.

My guess you may be right infection were she got hurt.

Sorry u lost her.
Autopsy done and i found absolutly nothing wrong inside or out, i took photos but don't want to post them unless you all would like to see what things looked like.
Liver, heart, crop. gizzard, intestins all looked healthy and normal.
Breast and other body parts were meaty not skinny at all.
No worms or parasites .
Throat ,eyes,,and mouth look normal
Vent was clean no sign of diaherra.
Gizzard was full of all kinds of free range stuff like seeds grasses stones and such and did not have any off smell looked very healthy
No bruises and the very small wound on her head was just a scratch like from a sticker bush.

Totally at a loss as to why she died

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