Emergency sick chicken


May 15, 2015
3 year old hen acting lethargic and poops very little, but when she does, it is really green and watery, and sticks to her vent feathers. She also has a swollen abdomen, and feels a little warmer than the other birds, but not by a lot. I have been thinking it's vent gleet, and have been treating it accordingly (baths everyday for 3 days, 1 dose of epsom salt orally, 3 tablespoons of yogurt once, vinegar in water 1 day, electrolytes in water today). Anyway, she seems to be getting a little better everyday, but so slowly. So, I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how to help her get better faster. Should I keep treating her like this, or should I be doing something differently? Also, do you think it's possible that there could be a secondary infection and that I should be giving her antibiotics? Thanks!


In the Brooder
Jul 21, 2016
Maybe she has parasites. From the sounds of it, it almost sounds like the same case with my moms brahma hen. I would suggest keeping her inside away from the other chickens. And if it's not parasites I would go to the vet.

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