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  1. Chicken Heads

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Hey guys/gals[​IMG] I picked up a young hen and rooster 4 months old just this past Saturday l.. Being an ametur new to this I noticed some cough/sneeze like but the most noticed is some type of flem rattling in his throat... I've vetrx it since Saturday cleaning bathing , ok appetite , but as of today went home for lunch to check on them as I was swabbing his throat I again noticed small white spots/bumps thought was food when first brought home. But those spots won't come out and I think 1 did cause I saw lil blood/red spot. White spots are top of mouth throat around tongue and actually think tongue is Peeling a lil white film..all that associated with the gurgling/rattling cough/sneeze. Poop is kinda watery most of the time and seemed a lil huntch back today. No watery eyes or liquids from nose I think. I smell his mouth and there is no Oder. I also try duarmycin few days now. Good food watey greens electrolytes mix scratch and layers pellets .. I keep them inside Wer it's warm and very sanitary , I got the birds in these conditions and not sure how long they've been sick like this... I am in desperate need of help to which kind of meds and if it's still time to save him... Still very active if I let him and her out of cage... But when inside u can't tell something is wrong.. Not nearly as active as the hen is... Please please please help.!! When first brought home his poop was kinda black and foul smell.. I haven't seen black poop in few days but watery... Any idea to help confirm so I can order meds fast!!!
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    Sep 30, 2015
    A picture might help and there are far more experienced people on here than me but it sounds like the form of fowl pox that can show up on the throat as well as other places. I don't know what ages it can show up in either whether they are more prone to it as adults or as young as what you have.
  3. OodlesOfMoodles

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    Feb 3, 2016
    Make bird hot water and clean room. Make comfortable just in case. Thank you

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