Emergency supplies and favorite online stores?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Peppermint, May 25, 2010.

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    If an illness or emergency arises, I KNOW it will happen after the feed store is closed or it is some major holiday, lol! I'm thinking of getting a couple items to have on hand just in case. I've been reading about botulism and other minor ailments such as pecked eyes and skin infections...do you keep antibiotic ointment and other meds on hand to deal with illnesses? [​IMG]

    ETA: What are your favorite sources to obtain these products if our local feed store doesn't have them?
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  2. I'm a newbie as well as a lot of other's here on the BYC it seems and I keep water soluble antibiotics on hand I also have a well stocked first aid cabinet with gauze, topical disinfectant's ect. pretty much anything a regular house hold might need for every day issues. Of course I keep pedealyte in case of any body becoming dehydrated or lethargic. (kid's included) Other than that.... I think it's a learn as we go kind of operation. Hope I helped a bit and I hope you get more responses soon.
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    A few things to have on hand is Tylan 50 injectable & syringes with baby needle tips. That will take care of the respiratory problems.(Signs would be swollen eyes, bubbles around mouth & eyes. & bad breath). Sulmet & Corid will work to cure Coryza,Bloody toxidia,Coccidiosis & a number of other things. The sulmet is best as a preventative,or if you catch the problem early. The Corid works faster, & will work on birds that need to be tube fed. Don't forget the vitamin & electrolytes. [​IMG]
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    PeepsInc [​IMG]

    What water soluble antibiotic do you prefer? Also, there's got to be a better liquid vitamin than Poly Vi Sol. Anything to avoid other than iron?
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  6. I keep some vitamins and electroyltes on hand as well as some Sulmet. I dont use antibiotics. If I ever do have anything that looks like a respiratory problems it will be culled immediately. So far Ive never had to deal with that.
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    A hatchet.


    Pine tar

    Antibiotic goo



    Vet wrap
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    I keep Miracle Skin Salve on hand for any topical infection issues. It works on everything from Impentigo to splinter infections to bug bites. It an all natural substance that I use on everyone in the farm....my DH, the kids, the dog, the alpacas, the chicks. It works fabulously. I use a Q-tip and never double dip. Each species gets their own container. I order at least $100 of stuff at a time (they've so many products that we use.) So, I get free shipping.

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    I have the very best supplies on hand, I married a lovely Veterinarian [​IMG]
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    Thank you!

    Which elecrolyte do you all prefer?

    Favorite online store for these supplies?

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