EMERGENCY swollen cheeks***UPDATE** Sicker


10 Years
May 15, 2009
I have a 6 month old hen. Very healthy this morning. 15 minutes ago I checked on her (checked on the flock) and her cheeks are swollen. Both sides of her face right where the 2 halves of the beak come together. It looks like she is puffing out her cheeks like a child would.

Right now I don't see any discharge of any kind. She is running around fine, not sure if she is eating or drinking and her eyes are open and not puffy.
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Anyone? I searched the forum for puffy cheeks but did not find anything. I was able to find information about puffy face but it is ONLY her cheeks that are affected. Her eyes are fine, with no sign of swelling or watery eyes. She is shaking her head. Obviously irritated.

Please....someone must know something.
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Thanks magsrags. I searched that earlier this afternoon but nothing matches. Maybe tomorrow she will have swollen eyes or bubbly eyes or another symptom so I can track this down.

Thanks again
Open her beak real wide and look in the corners of her mouth for infection. I had a hen with this 2 weeks ago. I will post a pic of her in a little bit and you can see if it is similar. I could not figure it out until I opened that beak wide, it made the corner crack open and I was able so see yellowish cottage cheese garbage. I pulled it out with tweezers and gave her penicillin and she had a full recovery in about 2 days. Hope thats all it is for you.
Here is my poor girl with her little mouth infection. Is this what yours looks like?


Yes! The only difference is that my chicken has it on both sides. I PM'ed you to see what anitibiotic you gave her and if you treated your whole flock.

Thanks again

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