11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
The dang foxes hit again, killing two of our birds, injuring two. The two injured have big holes in their backs, we cleaned them out but what should we do? Should we bandage them? One is looking like she's not gunna make it. What can we do about the fox without killing it/them? We have the two birds in a seperate cage right now.
Sorry to hear about your birds. There's nothing you can really do but put them in a cool, dark place with food and water and hope for the best.

If it was me, I'd trap and shoot the foxes. But if you don't want to do that, put dry cat or dog food out for them. They'll generally take the easier meal.

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Hi there,

I'm sorry that the fox got your birds.
Anyhow, have you cleaned the wounds? I don't like peroxide personally but there are lots of suggestions for what to wash the wounds out with. I personally use a diluted betadine solution with my animals...but I know there are folks on this list who are experienced with what works best with chickens--it's just not me (YET!).
Then I would put some neosporin on it.

That is the only thing that I have to add. I know you'll get lots of great advice. Keep us posted on how they are doing.

Please try to post photos ASAP so folks can best help you.

How deep are these holes?

Give the birds some electrolytes for shock (spritz a bit in their water or on something like watermelon if they'll eat it).
Rescue Remedy - drop or two in water is often touted for its calming effect. Keeping them from succumbing to shock is the most crucial thing initially. Whoever they find most calming to them should comfort them and try to keep them from shutting down with lots of soft comforting words till they are calmer and can rest more peacefully.

Birds should be kept in a comfortable stress-free calm place with food and water very close (e.g. in a large dog carrier with fluffy towels or fresh pine shavings). I know you have them in some kind of cage right now....

Wounds can be cleansed with 9 parts water, 1 part betadine (not sure what you used...). Apply neosporin (without pain relief ingredient) topically. Deep wounds may well require oral or injectible antibiotic.

For pain, there's aspirin water but until they are not actively bleeding and until you're pretty sure there isn't internal bleeding you best wait on that.

You need Fort Knox for your birds. The fox will be back.

I am very sad about the two who didn't make it and hope very much the other two do - please keep us posted.
Personally, I would shoot the fox if they came near the coop, but if you don't want to do that, get a good dog. We have lots of foxes in my area, but I've never had them near the coop. The dog is indoors at night, but they seem to keep their distance anyway. Hawks have been a much bigger problem for me. I've had them attack chickens when I was outside with them, but ~100 feet away.

I keep my chickens in a chicken tractor, and let them out only when someone can watch them. The dog would work, but she usually gets distracted with other things, so we don't rely on her when the chickens are loose. At night, I close the entrance to the coop with a gate covered in 1/2" wire cloth. Nothing big enough to hurt them can get in.

Good luck with your injured birds.

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