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    Feb 26, 2015
    So, one of my chickens has been looking bad for a few weeks. She stayed up in the roost before I moved her, and she wasn't eating. she walks around but shes slow, she has a bright green poop, a redish-brown crown and her feathers are fluffed out. In the book I was looking at I couldn't find anything matching her symptoms. Whats wrong with my girl?[​IMG]

    [​IMG] This is what her breed looks like.
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    Welcome to BYC. How old is your hen? Her symptoms could fit a lot of things. Her green droppings are probably from not eating. Worms, coccidiosis, enteritis, a crop or gizzard blockage, internal layer or egg yolk peritonitis are some of the things I would rule out. Offer her some egg, and bread crumbs with a small amount of buttermilk, along with her normal feed. Valbazen and SafeGuard liquid goat wormer are very good for worming. If you have a regular vet, you could ask if you could bring in a sample of droppings to test for worms, cocci, and bacteria.
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