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    Jan 26, 2016
    I've been prescribed one. I already have two outside ducks, too imprinted on each other to come inside ;) I love them so very much, but I'd want to start over with a single imprinted blue Swedish duckling as soon as I obtain my own apartment. I want to do diapers and be able to train the Duckie by myself. I can't find any good information on this particular topic, as most people prefer dogs. Anybody have anything they could possibly contribute? Anything having to do with how long I can stay away from them, how to easily change and grow accustomed to diapers (are they stinky?) and how to keep the duck happy with me as well as friendly towards those whom I may come in contact with in public. I've never hatched ducklings myself, can I just take a young one from my current duck mommy?
    Thanks in advance, BYC is my only reliable source [​IMG][​IMG]
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    May 11, 2013
    Unless you work from home, you need to get two ducks. One lone imprinted duck will get stressed and lonely if you leave it all by itself inside the house, and birds are delicate; that amount of stress can and has led to illness and even death.

    There's a whole thread dedicated to house ducks here at BYC, I highly recommend you come check it out and read all the stories we have to share of our lil' diaperclad feathered puppies. :)
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