Emu Chick Diet?

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    Oct 10, 2013
    We have 2 Emu chicks that we have just recently got they are about 3 weeks old. We have them on there normal starter diet that the previous owners were feeding. My question is can they eat whole corn? Our chickens sometimes scratch the corn into there pen and the Emus eat it. Is that ok for them? Another question can they eat barely/fodder? We feed our chickens that and they love it. was wondering if the emus could have it too? Thanks in advance!
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    Nov 9, 2013
    Bear in mind that I am wild-emu guy:

    emoooz are infamous for eating foreign objects. Can't stress enough the importance of keeping their territory free of sharp shiny stuff. Beyond that, they'll gobble up everything that is Yummy for Emus. It may even not get digested on the way through. No matter. Most pet (captive) emoooz are likely keen to broaden their diets. They eat a much wider range of stuff in the wild than you might think.

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