Emu Chicks/Breeder pairs/Hand Blown Eggs


Jan 29, 2020
My name is Kathy and my husband Bryan. We have been raising emus a few years now on our Emu farm. We began raising Emu's with the help of a local top selling breeder who we eventually bought his stock due to his age therefore getting out of the business. Our website is Taubessmokeymountainexoticemufarm.vistaprintdigital.com Check it out! We have this first season of the year stock of emu eggs. We gather eggs daily, we have incubators and a hatcher. Our chicks are friendly and we prep them for moving around by guiding them when they are chick from the rear. We have breeding pairs occasionally to sell. We have chicks available now. $100 per chick. Pairs to be discussed. Emu's need plenty of room and 6 ft. fencing. If your interested in a emu chick or pair contact us by email [email protected] or our website or here. I also have handblown eggs.
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