Emu Egg Slow Weight Loss

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    Jan 12, 2014
    I have 6 eggs incubating and it's day 34. temp 96 humidity is between 30 and 40 (I am dry incubating but the area I live in is just really humid and it WILL NOT go lower) should I sand down some of theses eggs?

    starting weight: current weight loss: What it's supposed to be (based on 15% weight loss):
    A 640 46 54

    B 628 49 54

    C 535 49 47.6

    D 562 59 49.3

    E 537 52 47.6

    F 627 47 54

    All of them have been wiggling around so I know they are all developing, but A B and F are a little slow, and D is losing too much! I taped up D and E a few weeks ago, but what should I do with the slow ones?

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