Emu Eggs, Day 53 is on Sat 3-19-11

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    So as many of you know, my Emu eggs came from a Safari Park where the dad was already incubatin them. Its been about 2 weeks since my last baby emu hatched. I am giving all my babies the full 53 days... which is Saturday, How long do I give them before I toss them? Considering they were already being incubated by the dad.

    I have "2" Sportsman 1502, and 1 of the Sportsman has 5 of 6 trays full and Ive only got 1 spot left, which I plan on putting in that tray this saturday... So Ill eventauly need my other sportsman, the one that has the emu eggs, to set my other eggs.

    My Ringnecks, Guinea Hens, PIed Peafowl, Black SHoulder Peafowl, Red Golden Pheasants, Silver Pheasants, Wild Turkeys, Burbon Red Turkeys, and all my normal chickens are laying eggs. So its alot of eggs... I still have several peafowl that have not started.

    I need the room in the other Sportsman
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