Emus in Norway

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  1. valenskiftetzoo

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    Jan 12, 2015
    We want to raise emu chicks in Norway. We have read about them for months, and feels ready to get some chicks!
    But, are the emu chickd likely vulnerable as the ostrich chicks?
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    Feb 23, 2013
    central PA
    emus can be raised ANYWHERE! lol her ein america people rasie them in alaska to canada down to south america they are VERY hardy with the cold.....and hardy to heat! but emu chicks need to be kept inside or in a good building with a brooder WELL up till like 4 months old or MORE they can die real easy if they get chilled!
  3. briefvisit

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    Nov 9, 2013
    This is Eric the Emu. He's wild. He's spending Autumn here with Uno the Chick.

    SE, Western Australia

  4. Fantastic pictures. New camera, S.E.?
  5. briefvisit

    briefvisit Songster

    Nov 9, 2013
    New camera!

    Almost the old days. As fast as I can type (cool moist Autumn morning)
    This is a perfect vignette of wild-bird behavior. There’s a fine dark female in orbit – it’s fig time again. (8th season for me). I just happened to be crouching, half-hidden, in the garden when she hove into sight.
    She started ‘vocally staking-out territory’; and here’s the great thing:
    I heard – two times – a faint string of reply-booms from a female to the south east.
    All the while, Eric the Emu and chick Uno were scoffgobblemunchwolf-ing their morning wheat.
    Is Eric growing old? I have been wondering. Few birds in orbit this year, so no conflicts witnessed.
    Then the female began The Sideways Boogie, with a bit of ruff, and started approaching Eric.
    Eric stood up . . .
    And chased her off.
    Note that Uno lagged behind. It’s an insight into her/his personality: different chicks show different degrees of aggression when they follow Dad into a fight.

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